The Fisticuffs Guilde

Fitness through combatives training drills.

Kick Boxing Fitness 



Fitness and expressing the human body through combative drills.

Edged Weapons have an interesting way of making a person move their body through space more dynamically and efficiently. This drill comes from Filipino martial Arts as taught to me by the late Keith Allan, RIP SIfu and Prof. Lorne Therrien. I have the honor of being a member of Progressive Fighting Systems. I am always a student.

In this photo my wife and I are practicing a 10 count box drill with training weapons that i hand forge in Eastern CT.


Rope Climb at the Terrain Race.

Obstacle Course Racing

For a long time we have been using Obstacle Course Runs (OCR) as a barometer for how well my fitness training program is.  My wife and children and I have enjoyed OCR since 2011.


Fitness through combative drills.

In my system of training, I teach edged and impact weapons drills. These types of drills exercise coordination and agility.
In a time when people are sedentary, it becomes important to train hand-eye coordination exercises.