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Fitness through combatives training drills.

Kick Boxing Fitness 



Fitness and expressing the human body through combative drills.

Edged Weapons have an interesting way of making a person move their body through space more dynamically and efficiently. This drill comes from Filipino martial Arts as taught to me by the late Keith Allan ( RIP Sifu) and Prof. Lorne Therrien. After meeting Sifu Paul Vunak I learned how to add elements of Asymmetrical violence to the drill.  My son and I have trained with Sifu Vunak and have been students of his for a little over 6 years. I have the honor of being a member of Progressive Fighting Systems Descendantsof the Masters group of Certified Instructors. I am always a student.

In this photo my wife and I are practicing a 10 count box drill with training weapons that i hand forge in Eastern CT.


Rope Climb at the Terrain Race.

Obstacle Course Racing

For a long time we have been using Obstacle Course Runs (OCR) as a barometer for how well my fitness training program is.  My wife and children and I have enjoyed OCR since 2011.


Fitness through combative drills.

In my system of training, I teach edged and impact weapons drills. These types of drills exercise coordination and agility.
In a time when people are sedentary, it becomes important to train hand-eye coordination exercises.