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Angel Ariz Self Defense 

Fitness through combatives training drills.

*Kick Boxing Fitness 

*Self Defense

*Edged Weapons Training


I teach Paul Vunak's Rapid Assault Tactics. A system of combative antagonism used by dozens of government agencies from the early 90s to the present day.

Rapid Assault Tactics will increase your fighting skills after only a short 12 hour course. Get fit, get trained, and fear no one.

You can take the Rapid Assault Tactics courses in 12 hour blocks


you can join the Jeet Kune Do class and practice your skill sets in a more traditional class setting or private lessons.

Angel Ariz

Self Defense

Rope Climb at the Terrain Race.

Obstacle Course Racing

For a long time we have been using Obstacle Course Runs (OCR) as a barometer for how well my fitness training program is.  My wife and children and I have enjoyed OCR since 2011.


Fitness and expressing the human body through combative drills.

Fitness and Martial Arts training family.

Fitness through combative drills.