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About Me

Angel Ariz is the chief instructor at the Fisticuffs Guilde.

Certified instructor in multiple CJKD organizations.

*Beyond JKD 1st Dan Jun Fan under Sifu Juaqim Almeria

*Survival Solutions JKD, Kenpo Karate, ESS under Jason Marcos Velez

*Siu Lim Tao Level Sifu Mark Beardsell

*CJKD Full Instructor, Rapid Assault Tactics Full Instructor, Edged Weapons Full Instructor under the legendary Paul Vunak.

I am a Catholic Christian, Father, Husband, and constitutionalist.

I served for 11 years in the RI National Guard Field Artillery, and I worked security in both armed and unarmed posts in Providence RI for years.  Club and Hospital security work was fun and challenging and helped me to develop my martial arts training programs.

I want to help people train to defend themselves and gain peace of mind through the practice of martial arts.

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