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5 kilometers

3.2 miles aka 5 kilometers is a good bit of exercise with a fast pace. We have signed up for some obstacle course races in august and September.

A couple sets of push ups and a 5 kilometer jaunt got the blood flowing. I now know that I need to step my endurance exercises up. I do not jog or run because I do not think the pushing is necessary. I dont think you need to run at all for a race. One can simply Range Walk. It is an Army term that is somewhere between speedwalking and marching. Walking at a fast pace will give your heart all the exercise it needs. I know exercise is inconvenient and sometimes a real drag. One still has to take their medicine. No matter how busy you are or how much you walk at work, you still have to walk at least 2 miles a few times a week.

Perhaps you will never do an Obstacle Race but your health will still benefit from the extra steps.

Research shows that people who add a half hour of walking to their daily plan are going to be closer to their ideal weight than people who only diet or go to a gym and train lazily/haphazardly .

Add a half hour a day to walk around and love your neighborhood and property.

Angel Ariz

Fisticuffs Guilde

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