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Bruce Lee's Fighting Method

Monday we will be training core intercepting techniques. Lots of repetitions of simple, direct, efficient, responses to attacks.

Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is an art that requires practice. You cannot learn JKD once and then know it. You have to Be it.

One kick 10,000 times...when you get to that number, start over. Why, we only do a few things and we do them well and super fast.


Self perfection training is repetitions, self preservation training is working on chaining skills together in a fight sequence as well as live sparring. We do not spar as Karate people do. There are no points. You train to fight and escape or fight to stop the threat. That makes our sparring look like a light mma fight. Light Sparring and repetitions of skills and application are what is necessary. JKD should SIMPLE->DIRECT & EFFICIENT.

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