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Etiquette for class

*early is on time, on time is late

I do not waiver on this. If you are serious about training here, show up on time.

*turn off or silence your phone

*confirm private lesson time the day before

*if you have to miss class tell me the day before

*bring water and towels

*bring mat shoes, no street shoes

*We train with wrestling or boxing shoes on here.

*be polite and respectful to all training with us. Gym bullies will be removed and we will press charges against anyone that assaults students. We train to get healthy and survive street violence. Not to be punching bags for over zealous trainees.

If you are looking for competition schools we are not for you. This is a social club learning and training Bruce Lee and Paul Vunak Fighting Methods.

Angel Ariz

Fisticuffs Guilde

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