Search vendor table art has arrived.

I hope I am able to see all of the great vendors at the Villainpunk event.

The vendor table will have some fun items. Check us out. We will have some aluminum training tools for stage fight practice as well as some blinky light batons and goodies. Fun will be had at the

What is #evilexpo ?

Coming to King of Prussia, PA, July 30th-August 1st:

Evil Expo ~ Splendidly Sinister Summer Spectacle is the world's largest festival celebrating fictional Villains and Villainy!

We work with every kind of genre you can name - science fiction, fantasy, comics, movies, games, books, experiences, and just about everything fun a nerd can possibly do in a weekend.

All ages welcome; all cosplays welcome (but not required). Get away from the 'normal' world and have some Anti-Heroic fun for once! We have a MASSIVE assortment of entertainment, from live performances by some of the most unique bands anywhere, to author readings, to games, panels, workshops, escape rooms, exhibitions of incredible and unique items... it's massive! Shop our huge array of unique vendors, meet creators of all kinds, and have a roguishly good time at our Villainous, but incredibly friendly and accepting event. Check out the Evil Expo website if you don't believe us. And then get your tickets FAST - we're keeping prices low as long as we can, but some of our tickets are selling out. Get your tickets today and get ready for the world's greatest event for those who love the most fascinating characters anywhere - the Villains!…

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