Knife work at the NYC Martial Zapata seminar.

Training is important.

The people you train with must give you some controlled energy.

The amount of resistance depends on many factors including but not limited to, experience, and agility.

Progressive Fighting Systems has it all:

*A progression

* a training map

* and decades of experience coaching people in combative arts

* an eclectic group of martial artists all over the world that train using Progressive Fighting Systems programs.

Come see us at the #evilexpo and see for yourself a system of training that can be 'an art within your art'.

Angel Ariz

Fisticuffs Guilde


Evil Expo is an all-ages, multi-fandom event that brings you spectacular vending, exhibitions, and entertainment! . Visit the website: Join the group: Get Tickets: RSVP to the event: Become a vendor: Like the Evil Expo page:

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