On the road to the MURPH

Updated: Apr 12

Have you heard of the Murph Challenge? It was all the rage before the lockdowns. The Murph challenge is a bit or running, pull ups and push ups, followed by another short run, all while wearing a weighted vest. These are all necessary skills for people that want to be the Militia. Every US citizen is supposed to be armed and a member of the standing citizen Army known as United States Militia.

I am working my way back up to doing the Murph Challenge weekly. Come join me and transform your body into a functional agile, trained, and disciplined citizen of the REPUBLIC.


Dips, chin ups, pull ups, L sits, and slow wall climb are all important for Obstacle Course training. A lot of bodybuilders look down on functional training. They would rather puff up muscles with creatine and water instead of training the muscle to preform under different stressors.

Lifting weight doesn't always translate to functional strength. I have proven it many many many times. At 140 pounds I have choked out many 200+ pound weight lifters. Look up the Gracy's choking out bodybuilders. It is a known fact that a Ju Jitsu person that trains for functional ground fighting strength is much more dangerous than a swollen muscle head. Get fit with real strength. Laying on your back and pushing weight, or destroying your lower back with dead lifts is not the way to functional SOLDIER STRENGTH.

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