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Updated: Jul 15

This summer will be the last season the

Fisticuffs Guilde will have an outdoor Gym in Eastern CT. The Fisticuffs Guilde will be relocating. I have suspended the regular Monday

group classes and offer the use of the calisthenics park on the property.

The Fisticuffs Guilde reserves the right, as a private club, to interview and select students.

We are an old-school gym and a Roman Catholic Christian ✝️ family. People that want to use the equipment will see catholic themed art and religious icons on the property.

At present, we are training outside on the Calisthenics equipment.

Martial Arts lessons are offered for a fee of $25 an hour per person booked a week in advance and require a non-refundable deposit to schedule a class or block of lessons.

The martial arts offered will be based on Progressive Fighting Systems Contemporary Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, and Systema exercises.

We are a charter school of the Paul Vunak family of Progressive Fighting Systems and train in the old ways. That means no cell phone on hand, no video recording of classes, and I only teach people that come to train intensely. We take this system seriously because of two important reasons.

1-Paul Vunak has collected a lifetime of combative art systems to help the military become a more efficient fighting force. Then he modified the military system for civilian people to become better capable of defending their lives and family.

2- Progressive Fighting Systems is dedicated to sharing the concepts and martial arts of Bruce Lee the founder of Jeet Kune Do, and Dan Inosanto, the Greatest of the Jeet Kune do masters.

Any interested parties should contact Angel Ariz, Fisticuffs Guilde, and schedule a block of free trial lessons to train in Rapid Assault Tactics, Contemporary Jeet Kune Do.

*Small group classes (4 people or less) to keep the lessons specific to individual ability and to work around any disabilities or conditions anyone may have.

If you have been alarmed by the violence we see every day on the News it may be time to get lessons from a certified instructor that has trained for over 28 years in military and martial arts facilities around the United States of America.

We are patriots of this great nation.

I have served 11 years ins the US Army National Guard, in the combat arms MOS 13B.

Veterans train free.

Special classes are offered to women's groups, religious organizations, and free workshops for transgender and battered women.

G*d bless you and G*d bless Israel.

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