Push ups

3 sets of ten push ups and weightless squats to get the blood going. Calisthenics helps to move the blood around and keep functional strength for everyday motion.

I do not offer advice via a blog but I am sharing a few of my training days as an example to help you set up your own plan of action.

I've raised my calorie count by 700-1000 through protein shakes and oatmeal smoothies. There is no substitute for a good meal plan. The meal plan is more important than the exercises. If you are over weight, you do not need to add calories with shakes. You just need to re organize your meal plan for your needs.

Remember, eat complex carbs over simple sugars. Avoid empty calories like cakes and cookies and salads. YesI said it. Avoid salad. That doesn't help your meal plan unless you are vegetarian. Leaves are not enough food for athletes. The human athlete needs plenty of protein and fats and complex carbohydrates. As I get older am making sure to eat a high protein meal plan.

Muscle requires fat, protein and complex carbs.

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