The knife is no casual thing to study.

A knife slash causes way more damage to nerves and tendons than most people realize. A healthy understanding of the reality of an assault with weapons is of the utmost importance. Any fighting system that doesn't have a knife program is doing their students a disservice. We are the PFS Military Edged Weapons school for Eastern CT. Our system can be a stand-alone martial art or an add on to an already established system. As they say in Arnis, it can be the art within your martial art. Over the years I've shown black belts how to incorporate PFS weapons systems into their curriculum.

Edged and Impact Weapons are serious business.

Do not get caught doing outmoded training methods for knife work.

It can cost you your life.

7 out of Ten assaults involve a weapon of some sort. I think it is intelligent to study the method and mode of street violence.

No one ever expects to get assaulted so train to be able to react to a bad situation, Properly.

Peace and be safe.

G*d bless

Angel Ariz

Fisticuffs Guilde

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