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'Trowin hands over here

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Spring is right around the corner. I have to kick my cardio up a notch.


Working off a jab, punches in bunches and different angles.

Being in constant motion helps to resist the temptation to stand and trade blows in one spot. Mobility and head movement all must be taken advantage of when dueling with pugilism. The sweet science is the art of making them miss, and then making them pay. To stand and trade with people at bantam weight is a suicide mission. It us better to stick and move, punch in bunches, and save extra hard shots for clear openings. Remember that bare knuckle boxing dies not have the luxury of hitting someone on the head without possibly breaking some small bones in the hand and wrist. Boxing with bag gloves or bare hands requires one to not only condition fists for striking but also to pin point strikes on the right targets to cause damage to the opponent not one's self.

Happy Boxing.

¡Viva Christo Rey!

Angel Ariz

Fisticuffs Guilde

Prive lessons and small group classes by apt.

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