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Using tools

The machete is the most used edged tool in all the world. Every society has a way to make a type of machete. People in more rural areas use a machete daily. It is a normal thing to see a person walking around with a machete in a worn leather sheath.

I say all of this to point out the need to be familiar with handling and using edged weapons. If you train a martial art that uses edged weapons you should put a lot of time using the tool as it was intended.

I am clearing a field. I do it every spring. There are huge thorn bushes and invasive trees that need clearing. It is not uncommon for me to be chopping and swinging the machete for hours at a time.

If you had to fight . And your only weapon was a hammer 🔨, and let's say you happened to be a carpenter, you would probably be very capable of fighting with a hammer. The tool you use the most will be the most likely weapon you will use to defend yourself.

I use the tool with either hand. I have always done it. Long ago I decided to be ambidextrous and have worked toward that end most of my life. Learn how to swing. How to control the swing. How to keep your other hand in a secure spot so as not to be in the path of the blade.

This takes time.

Start with my training weapons listed on this site.

Holler at me.

Train, a lot.

Teach others.


Lord Jesus, Son of G*d, Have mercy on me, a sinner.

Angel Ariz

Fisticuffs Guilde

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