Machete (short sword) Trainer

Machete (short sword) Trainer

Training Filipino Short Sword

*These are made for Sword training*

You will be purchasing 10 Brand New Hand Crafted Kalaj Kutter

The aluminum Kalaj Kutter Ninja Sword is a great tool for the beginning, intermediate, or advanced practitioner of defense (/offense) Ninjutsu training.

* Great feel in the hand(s)
* Crafted from 100 % recycled aluminum
* Brushed aluminum finish
* No slip grip handle (1 and 1/2 hand grip)
* 28" overall
*This training tool is not designed for contact training *

Always wear protection when training with a Kalaj Kutter.

It should be understood that every Kalaj Kutter is hand crafted, and there will always be slight differences from one piece to another.

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